Florida Leathersir Contestants:

Lawrence Fox

Lawrence Fox has been involved in the leather community for roughly 25 years since being introduced to it by a boyfriend in Pittsburgh during a pride parade (“who are those hot guys over there you were talking to, think I’ll go march with them”). He was the last new member/Secretary of Crucible MC in Pittsburgh and later joined Pittsburgh Motorcycle Club to serve as Treasurer. A move to Fort Lauderdale in 1996 was precipitated by his relationship as a collared boy to Bearman, co-owner of LeatherWerks and custom tailor in that company. October of that year also saw the first offering of the Dungeon series of educational events produced by Leather University, with Lawrence acting as Secretary. In 2000 he took over presidency of the organization to continue producing the event for another 5 years, also creating SM High (a smaller educational event specifically for gay men), and Indulgence (a small, men-only play weekend). 

A return presenter at Southeast Leatherfest, he was a founding member of the Young Leathermen of South Florida, member of Delta International, Treasurer of NLA Florida, resident Dungeon Monitor for SPICE Ft Lauderdale and Secretary/Webmaster for the Leather Archives and Museum (located in Chicago, serving the world). He has presented workshops for numerous Florida leather bars, clubs, and organizations; of particular pride is his involvement in GoLeather, a pansexual group for newcomers to the leather community in Ft Lauderdale and presenter for the New Guard chapter of SPICE. 

Lawrence no longer works as a leather tailor but as radiology/cat scan tech in an urgent care center in overly sunny South Florida, living with his husband of twelve years. He is a voracious reader of all print material within reach, irreverent news junkie and has a fondness for setting hunky men on fire after flogging them or tenderizing them with pointy objects. His current motto is “I *earned* this grey hair!” 

Sir Johnathan

Sir Johnathan began his journey in the leather scene 16 years ago in Michigan, taking an early interest in the art of rope bondage Thanks to his trusting and supportive husband Josh, Sir Johnathan is able to express his interest in the kink lifestyle. He values and respects his two collared boys, boy Darren and boy Bryan creating a family environment. 

He has taught several rope bondage classes around the country. He belongs to the Orlando Kinksters group, taking an active role educating others. He focuses on helping subs vet quality Doms, and continually strives to improve the community.


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Florida Leatherboy Contestants:

Boy John

John is originally from Staten Island, New York City, but currently lives in Sarasota County Florida. John is originally from Staten Island, New York City, but currently lives in Sarasota County Florida. John is new to the leather community however he is eager to learn and get involved. 

John is a part of a social media community known as Gear365, which encourages all who are into gear to put it on and get out in it 365 days a year. John enjoys meeting people from the group out and about his area as well as at events.

John traveled to Rochester NY in July to meet a fellow Gear365-er and attended his first Pride, which led to an invite to the “Leather Incursion”. This event takes place at Disney World Orlando on the first weekend of November. It’s three parks over three days and John loves this event so much he promotes it to anyone that will listen to him.

John also attended MAL and CLAW this year, he loves to travel and to meet new people, while catching up with friends.
John is extremely active in his local theatre community. He just finished a production of “Clybourne Park” at the Manatee Performing Arts Center. A theatre major from the College of Staten Island, John performs an average of two shows a season around the Sarasota County from musicals to comedies and dramas. 

John is also involved in his sobriety. John has twelve years of recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous and is the treasurer of his home group. John served on the Florida Conference of Young People of Alcoholics Anonymous,(FYCPAA) Suncoast Bid and Host Committees. 

If it wasn’t for John’s sobriety he would not be where and who he is today.

Boy Marq

Boy marq is a Florida transplant for Connecticut. Has called Florida home for the past 8 years and is currently living in St. Petersburg Florida. 

Started his journey in to the community 10 years ago after discovering a leather bar in New York City. That is when he knew he was wearing the wrong skin and been in his rightful leather skin ever since. quotes “It just felt right”. Kinks include but not limited to bondage, roleplay, electro, TT, WS with a foot and latex/rubber fetish. 

Hope to continue to serve as a bridge between the old guard and the new within the leather community through education, acceptance kink.

Lives by the mantra “make your Marq on the world”.

Boy Cody

boy Cody is a passionate and driven boy residing in Jacksonville, Florida. He is currently engaged to his partner of two years to be married in the spring of 2020. At the young age of 18 he began his journey into the world of Leather and BDSM. His community service efforts include serving with his employers LGBTQ+ coalition and working at the local LGBTQ+ youth center, JASMYN. 

He has a servant’s heart in his profession (nursing) and translates it well into his personal life as a boy. His kinks/fetishes include CBT, Flogging, Nipple torture, and Bondage. 

He believes that every person in O/our Community, regardless of background, race, gender, or experience deserves a safe space that enables T/them to discover and live T/their own unique truth and pursue T/their kinks and fetishes without fear or judgment.


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Florida Community Bootblack Contestants:

AJ Porter

Florida Community Bootblack Contestants 2019
AJ Porter – Florida Community Bootblack 2016 AJ, your Florida Community Bootblack 2016, continues to be of service to the Leather and BDSM community’s in the Southeast region. You will find AJ wrangling fellow bootblacks for numerous events through Central Florida, charity fundraising and serving as a founding member of Tampa Bay Boys of Leather. AJ often flags lime green for food play, loves bow ties and spends their free time dreaming about their love of tacos!

Pup Aspen

Pup Aspen/boy Harold hails from Panama City, FL and is now living in Wilton Manors, FL. He identifies as a gender bending Leather Bootblack Pup. His current community involvement includes: board member of the Florida Puppy Contest, President of the South Florida Kennel Club, and a LeatherWerks educator. He started his journey in our community as a kinkster fourteen years ago. Ten years ago he made his way to the Power Exchange area of our community. The spirit of Recovery in NA and the leather community is what brought this pup to life. This pup exudes positivity as you can easily see when he is volunteering and dancing at events around the country. 

Most of his Bootblacking started when Bootblacking for his leather households as a form of service in his power exchange of submission. This is where he honed his skills in identifying and caring for leather and the history it represents. Then in 2017 He sought out a mentor, which he found in Dire Berrios, and under his wing, his love and desire to Bootblack blossomed. Since then he has ventured out Bootblacking at events groups such as Community S.O.L.E., Florida Leather & Fetish Pride, Florida Puppy Contest, FLSb&FCBB and at his home bar Ramrod of Fort Lauderdale. There he has volunteered as guest Bootblack raising money for travel funds for titleholders and local groups. Since venturing out on the stands at events in our community, he has found his place of service. This is where he learns the history of each individual that has given him the honor of working on his or her leather history. He has found his heart, his leather heart there.

Boy Kiltman

Kiltman was first introduced to boot care thru the United States Air Force where he learned caring for his boots would protect him on the flightline. In 2015 he began learning the art of boot-blacking in the leather community. He is the house bootblack for the Phoenix club and was the Bootblack Coordinator for Shenanigans 2019. 

He has revived the shoe shine with his pop-up stands at events such as the Sarasota Harley Davidson’s 50th birthday, offering services thru a local day spa, and promoting leather care in general. He loves the sensual and service connection with the second skin.


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