The Judges :

Daddy Al Santora

Leatherman, Daddy Al Santora lives central Florida with his husband, boy Ryan. He is a member of Mama’s Family (“Mama’s MAL Daddy Al”), has been actively involved in the lifestyle for over 44 years serving as an activist, titleholder, fundraiser, community Leatherman, Daddy Al Santora, resides in Florida with his husband ,boy ryan, proud mentor, emcee, and title judge for:

IML 1990, “Miss Gay America” 1999, IMsL 2004, “Mr. and Ms. Leather World” 2006, “Tampa Leather Sir/Leather boy” 2012-2014, “Mr.Connecticut Leather” Resident Head Judge 2014- 2016, “Florida Drummer North America” 2015, “Fantasy Fetish Fest’s Ambassador” 2016/2017, Florida Leather Sir/Leather boy/Community Bootblack 2016-2018,International LeatherSir/leatherboy-International Community Bootblack 2018 and American Brotherhood Weekend 2018.

Winning Mr. Philadelphian Leather 1982 and Mr. D.C. Eagle 1983 brought Al to IML where he placed Top 20 in 1984. Traveling to the bathhouse in Chicago for IML interviews, he and fellow contestant Ron Moore were told by Mr. Marcus Hernandez: “Mark my words- No matter who wins this contest, you are both winners and your lives will change within the Leather community as years go on”.

These words could not have held more truth over the last 34 years as Al continued to evolve and progress with each new movement throughout the lifestyle.

Traveling representative for New York’s Numbers Magazine-The Connection, Al went on to direct and emcee 15 regional “Hottest Man” contests- filmed Fire Island finals were later used in a Leather documentary.
In 1985, Al joined the Centaur Motorcycle Club. Continuing to emcee local D.C. Eagle contests and the “Scarlet Bake Sale” while fundraising for “Brother Help Thyself”, Al Co-founded Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather as a feeder to IML. 33 years later, Daddy Al remains the sole surviving founder.
Involved in AIDS epidemic protest marches throughout Washington, D.C. in 1986, he contributed to “The Names Project” (AIDS Quilt) presented at the National Mall. Member of “Act Up” in 1987, Al was honored to be the 1st recipient of Jill Carter’s “Unsung Hero Award”.

Growing along his journey while participating in fire side chats with, Mr. Marcus Hernandez,  Chuck Renslow, Judy Tallwing McCarthy, and Jill Carter, , Daddy Al was invited to join ILSb/ICBB’s original executive board in 2002 and was made an honorary member of both the Philadelphian M.C. Club and the D.C. boys of Leather.

Receiving POL Awards’ “Couple of the Year” in 2005, Al later moved to Florida; joining Tampa Leather Club’s fundraising efforts for ASAP, HOPE Food Pantry, and Mr. Friendly.
Daddy Al feels humbled by many in unexpected ways as he has come to be lovingly known throughout the Florida community as “Everybody’s Daddy”, truly feeling “Everyone needs a Daddy” regardless which honorific they assume.

Sir Robbert Miller
International LeatherSIR 2019

SIR Robert, aka DaddySIR, is the current International LeatherSIR 2019. He previously held the title of Central Canada LeatherSIR 2017, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2013 and in 2013 at International Mr. Leather, IML 35, made history by being the first medalist over the age of 50.

Officially jumping in with both “boots” in 2013, SIR Robert has been a dedicated member of the Leather Community serving as President of “Heart Of The Flag Federation” of Toronto, the largest Leather, Fetish and Kink back patch club in Canada, until he retired in 2016. It was both an honor and a privilege. He has hosted several events at The Black Eagle, Toronto’s only true leather bar, including demonstrations of submission wrestling and other fetishes at kink nights. He is “Mama’s Canadian Wrestler”.

As an invited instructor and judge, he has taught “Fetish Wrestling – Bondage With Your Body” at several leather events around North America. He is also an International GoGo dancer, performing at many venues for Daddy Next Door, DILF, RAM and FuKR. Born and raised in Toronto, SIR Rob is married to his huzbear of 28 years, and father of two grown children. SIRRobert also shares his life with his collared boy Mike. Interests include weightlifting and wrestling (both Submission and Pro style), and own “Toronto Warehouse Wrestling”, venturing into video production of all styles of wrestling. Knife and cigar play, impact play, rope bondage and psychological domination round out SIR Rob’s kinkier interests, and rarely go anywhere without his articulating flogger and handcuffs. SIR Rob flags hunter green, coral and hounds tooth on the left, and hounds tooth on the right (wink) Proudly supporting the PReP and Mr. Friendly programs, and raising money for The Toronto Gay Achieves and The Rainbow Railroad, SIR Rob finds these fundraising events a great way to meet others in and out of our leather community, as well as supporting incredible life saving initiatives’.

This work has also enlightened many newcomers to our community on how much community/charity service is done by titleholders and their associated clubs. SIR Robert has grown and learned a lot about himself over the past 5 years, his sexuality, the darker side of his BDSM world, and never shying away from trying something new. Ultimately he finds pleasure in opening someone’s mind, giving them the opportunity to explore a scene which challenges them, excites them, or have wanted to experience, in a safe, trusting environment …..but, if it’s pain you want, he is happy to give you that too, and test your limits. “Be careful what you wish for, cuz you just might get it”. Enlightening a sub and sharing an experience that they will have permanently etched into their memory is his true passion.


J Baby
International Leatherboy 2019 

J Baby is International Leatherboy 2019 and South Central Leatherboy 2019. He is also a member of Mama’s Family named Mama’s Baby Bunny. He was always curious about the forbidden, and that search for the peculiar and the internet led him to the magical world of the kinky. In 2007 he explored and took baby steps into a different scene and began his journey as a Leatherboy. Despite protests, he refused to “put away childish things” and is proud to be a Leather little boy. He enjoys serving in whatever way that is, as well as finding any excuse for cuddles. He has presented for events and organizations across the country. He has also served as a Judge, Judge’s boy, and emcee for a number of contests as well. When having to be out in the “vanilla” world, he spends most of his time working in the theatre, teaching. gaming, and watching far too much YouTube.

AJ Porter
International Community Bootblack 2018

AJ, your International Community Bootblack 2019, continues to be of service to the Leather and BDSM community’s in the Southeast region. You will find AJ wrangling fellow bootblacks for numerous events throughout Central Florida, charity fundraising for Forgotten Tails Rescue, Leather Heart Foundation and many more. He is serving as a founding member of Tampa Bay Boys of Leather where he strives to brings education to the Tampa Bay area and create space for fellowship. Being a baker of cakes, brownies and cookies, AJ often flags lime green for food play! Though he has a sweet tooth that rivals even the great Willy Wonka, AJ’s first love is that of the most perfect food in the world – Tacos

Boy Jeff
Florida Leather Boy 2018

boy Jeff is a New Jersey native but has called Florida home for the past 15 years. He proudly resides in  St. Petersburg Florida with his supportive, non-kinky, husband of 25 years. He’s enjoys and takes full advantage of everything Tampa Bay has to offer. 

Involved in the scene for the past 20 years, he has known his place as a leatherboy, since a very early age. He enjoys being out and about within the community at both leather and non-leather events.  

He is currently involved in the Tampa Bay Bondage Club as well as the Tampa Bay boys of Leather. He strives to be a positive force within the community and enjoys welcoming and educating those new to the kinky scene. 

When he’s not being kinky, he’s a professional by day who enjoys traveling both for work and leisure.

Kali Sinclair
Florida Community Bootblack 2019

Kali Sinclair attended her first Leather event at the age of 18, and immediately felt at home. She maintains an active presence in her community, providing assistance or lovingly maintained leather wherever she can as a Service Top. She is the leader of Little Scouts Troop #352, and always seeking to learn.  Kali is primarily Dominant and enjoys bootblacking, CBT, biting, impact play, sharps play, pegging, electrostim, SSS, sensory deprivation play,and all things littles and critters! Causes within the Leather community nearest to her heart are outreach and advocacy for marginalized groups, and the maintenance of true equality within the lifestyle.

Lawrence Burden (aka Dr. Larry)

Dr.  Larry has been in the leather scene for 55 years starting at age 16 in New York City.  He was the President of Avatar Club Los Angeles from 2003-2005, and served as Secretary for the Los Angeles Leather Coalition for two terms.  He was made the official Den Daddy for the LA Boys of Leather in 2004, has been awarded Mentor, Fundraiser, and Individual of the Year from the Los Angeles Leather Coalition, and was voted the Southern California Person of the Year Regional Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Pantheon of Leather.

He has taught Risk Aware Consensual Kink BDSM techniques for Avatar Club Los Angeles, the Orange Coast Leather Alliance and at the Leather Leadership Conference in Los Angeles.  He is a member of the 15 Association in San Francisco, an Hellenic Member of the Satyrs Motorcycle Club, and is currently the Los Angeles Leather Coalition Ambassador for the Los Angeles Leather Weekend.

He has judged internationally at the Mr. Hoist Leather contest in London and in 2009 at Mr. Los Angeles Leather, and had the honor of being on the judging panel for International Mr. Leather.  He has served as Head Judge for Great Lakes Leather Alliance Leather Sir/boy contest and is the current permanent Head Judge for International Mr., Ms, and Mx Olympus Leather and the Legacy Judge for the International Leather Sir/boy contest at the ILSB/ICBB weekend.

Last year, he was the recipient of the Olga Perez-Stable Legacy Award from the Los Angeles Leather Coalition and is most proud to share the 2019 Couple of the Year award with his husband, William, at the Pantheon of Leather.

Keynote Speaker:


Profile Pending

Master of Ceremony:

Bryson “Pup Nitro” Hankinson International Leatherboy 2011

In 2006, he moved to Atlanta where he met Sir Alan Penrod and began to discover his “Leather Heart” who gave him his pup name, “NITRO” (Needs Intense Torture to Reach Orgasm). Nitro is a past President of Panther L/L, and is a Co-Founder of the Hotlanta Rubber and Gear Club. He is the co-owner of Southeast Black and Blue, LLC and co-producer of Atlanta Leather Pride. He has held the titles of Mr. Hotlanta Rubber 2008, Southeast Leatherboy 2011, and International Leatherboy 2011…

Special Guest:

Mama Sandy Reinhardt

Sandy “Mama” Reinhardt is a respected and admired leader in the leather, BDSM and LGBT communities. She has been a leader for many years and has been very active in the fundraising arena for most of those, including her annual Breast Cancer Dinners, LeatherWalk (for the AIDS Emergency Fund & the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund) which kicks off Leather Pride Week leading up to the Folsom Street Fair and her Toy Drive for Camp Sunburst, a program for children and families affected living with HIV/AIDS…

Educational Presenters:









Contest Support Staff:

Master Bruce Ross
Contestant Coordinator

boy Dontrel

Judges boy

Mamma Ember
& Daddy Joe

Randy Cowley Demo Coordinator

Boi Ravyn Bootblack Coordinator

Boypup Max Transportation Coordinator

Don Dana
Volunteer Coordinator

Registration Coordinator

Trainer CJ
Silent Auction Coordinator

Master Tony
Educational Coordinator

Florida Regional Producer:

Bill Hoeppner – FLSb-FCBB Regional Producer
International Leather boy 2008
Mama’s Sugar boy
Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year 2009

Master Bill was introduced to the Leather Community in 1993 in New York City.  At that time the community was still galvanized by the AIDS Epidemic.  The philanthropic nature of the leather community was what immediately drew him in and is one of the many things that still inspire him today.   He is proud to have been able to support local and national organizations through fundraising and volunteering.  He has served as President and Vice President of the Board for Lambda Men’s Brotherhood.  He is a founding member of the South Florida boys of Leather and the South Florida Minotaurs and is a co-founder and past Board Member of Ft. Lauderdale Leather Pride Weekend.

As an active member of the South Florida Leather Community, Bill established the EDC (Enforced Dress Code) night, a monthly event at the Ramrod, Ft. Lauderdale.  He has worked with Beyond Leather in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as Contest Director for the Florida/Southeast LeatherSIR/Leatherboy Community Bootblack Contest and as Producer/Director of the Mr. Ramrod Leather Contest for five years.  In 2009 Bill became a member of the Executive Board for F.L.U.I.D. (Florida Leaders United in Diversity).  He also served as an Co-Executive Producer and Contest Director for International LeatherSIR Leatherboy Community Bootblack for 4 years.  In 2016 Bill assumed the role of Producer and Director of the Florida LeatherSIR Leatherboy – Florida Community Bootblack Contest.

Over the past decade he has served as a judge or MC for numerous Local, Regional and International Leather Contests across the country and has had the privilege of working with and coaching a number of incredible men and women in their preparation for their title competitions.  He is honored to have received The 2009 Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year Award, the 2019 Florida Regional Award and to serve as a judge for International Mr. Leather 2011.  Most recently he had the honor to be invited to join the judges panel for International Power Exchange at Beyond Leather 2018 and was presented with the Beyond Leather 2018 Community Achievement Award.

Master Bill has held the Titles of:

Mr. Ramrod 2006, Ramrod Bar, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
International Mr. Leather 2007, 2nd Runner Up
Florida Leatherboy 2008       
International Leatherboy 2008

Co-Regional Producer:

Daddy Dana Shultz
Co-Regional Producer Daddy Dana

A transplant to Saint Petersburg, F L in 2007 comes to the sunshine state via Richmond, VA via Zanesville, OH where he was born. Dana is truly a versatile man and not one that is 50/50; 50 percent on his back and 50 percent on his stomach. He has experience as a bottom, a boy, a Top and on those rare occasions a Sir…grin! 

He was first introduced to the Leather Levi community in Baltimore Maryland while in the Navy. He has lived in several cities throughout the United States, but has had the opportunity, while driving a tractor trailer over the road, to do (or be done) by someone in every state he has visited; that includes Canada and Mexico. Dana reentered the Leather Community in 2003 after a breakup. He met people in Columbus Ohio that encouraged him to compete in the Ohio Leather Sir Leather boy contest and was named Ohio Leather boy 2004. He advanced to the Great Lakes contest where he was named Great Lakes Leather boy 2004 that advanced to the International Contest held at the old Suncoast Resort here in St. Petersburg, FL. 

Dana holds several certifications in the medical field of emergency medicine and continues to take classes in an endeavor to train new people interested in the field of medicine. He works on the street as a paramedic as well as a local hospital and teaches at a local technical institution, but always find time to assist with local leather contests. This training has made him proficient in placing tubes down willing and the occasion unwilling recipient. 

Dana is a long-time survivor of HIV. He found out he was positive in June of 1987 while in Pittsburgh, PA. Dana has never found this to be an end of life disease but simply an obstacle that would need to be addressed and overcome.