Daddy Al Santora

Leatherman, Daddy Al Santora, resides in Florida with his future husband (4/27/19) boy ryan, proud Mama’s Family member (“Mama’s MAL Daddy Al”), has been actively involved in the lifestyle for over 43 years serving as an activist, titleholder, fundraiser, community mentor, emcee, and title judge for:

IML 1990, “Miss Gay America” 1999, IMsL 2004, “Mr. and Ms. Leather World” 2006, “Tampa Leather Sir/Leather boy” 2012-2014, “Mr.Connecticut Leather” Resident Head Judge 2014- 2016, “Florida Drummer North America” 2015, “Fantasy Fetish Fest’s Ambassador” 2016/2017, Florida Leather Sir/Leather boy/Community Bootblack 2016-2018,International LeatherSir/ leatherboy-International Community Bootblack 2018 and American Brotherhood Weekend 2018. Winning Mr. Philadelphian Leather 1982 and Mr. D.C. Eagle 1983 brought Al to IML where he placed Top 20 in 1984 Over the last 34 years as Al continued to evolve and progress with each new movement throughout the lifestyle.

Traveling representative for New York’s Numbers Magazine-The Connection, Al went on to direct and emcee 15 regional “Hottest Man” contests- filmed Fire Island finals were later used in a Leather documentary.

In 1985, Al joined the Centaur Motorcycle Club. Continuing to emcee local D.C. Eagle contests and the “Scarlet Bake Sale” while fundraising for “Brother Help Thyself”, Al Co-founded Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather as a feeder to IML. 33 years later, Daddy Al remains the sole surviving founder. Involved in AIDS epidemic protest marches throughout Washington, D.C. in 1986, he contributed to “The Names Project” (AIDS Quilt) presented at the National Mall. Member of “Act Up” in 1987, Al was honored to be the 1st recipient of Jill Carter’s “Unsung Hero Award”.

Growing along his journey while participating in fire side chats with, Mr. Marcus Hernandez, Chuck Renslow, Judy Tallwing McCarthy, and Jill Carter, , Daddy Al was invited to join ILSb/ ICBB’s original executive board in 2002 and was made an honorary member of both the Philadelphian M.C. Club and the D.C. boys of Leather. Receiving Pantheon of Leather Awards’ “Couple of the Year” in 2005, Al later moved to Florida; joining Tampa Leather Club’s fundraising efforts for ASAP, HOPE Food Pantry, and Mr. Friendly. Daddy Al feels humbled by many in unexpected ways as he has come to be lovingly known throughout the Florida community as “Everybody’s Daddy”, truly feeling “Everyone needs a Daddy” regardless which honorific they assume. POL Awards’ “President’s Award” 2015 recipient, Al believes you can always teach an old dog new tricks. Willing to mentor and expand further, he participated in Master Triskelan’s “Diversity Across the Lifestyle” educational panel during Florida Power Exchange 2016. Tampa’s Leather Club’s Secretary 2016-2017, Al worked in conjunction with Fantasy Fetish Fest (2016/2017), Florida Leather Sir/Leather boy/Community Bootblack (2016-2018) and was honored to be FLSb/FCBB’s Key Note Speaker addressing “Honoring the Past-Forging the Future” and the recipient of the “Florida, Pup Sparky Community Choice Memorial Legacy Award 2018.
Sir Jay
International LeatherSIR 2018

SIR Jay is the current International Leather SIR. He was Great Lakes Leather SIR 17 and Michigan Leather SIR 17. SIR Jay discovered his love for leather and kinky sex 13 years ago at the young age of 19. Since then he has earned the nickname little daddy from his community. SIR Jay is a passionate advocate for fetish education, R.A.C.K. and spreading awareness in his travels. He has a not so secret love/weakness for boys and puppies. Sir Jay is married to his boy/pup hank as well as having a second boy and pup collared to him. He is a proud member of the Michigan Band of Brothers, an educator and puppy wrangler (did he mention he loves puppies). SIR Jay has been a judge, den daddy and tally master. He looks forward to the opportunity to judge and help choose our future community leaders.
Boy Collin
International Leatherboy 2018

Boy Collin is a service boy at heart who likes to walk the fine line between behaving and pushing the limits of what he can get away with. He sometimes uses the word innocent, but Daddy can’t roll his eyes hard enough every time he does. Collin never really thought he was a kinky person until one day someone said to him, “Bullshit! You just said you wanted me to tie you up, piss on you, fuck in full leathers, and shove your hand deep in my ass!” So maybe he is then! He does enjoy an occasional rod in his dick too... boy Collin is your current International Leatherboy. Originally from West Bend, Wisconsin, he now lives in Louisville, Kentucky where he “allows” Daddy Jeff to chew on him. boy Collin enjoys talking with other boys encouraging them to be their own true selves. He would challenge others, not only boys, to do the same. From rods in his dick to pissing on his hockey teammates. While he loves playing, the connection with his daddy comes first. He flags only hunter green on the right, leaving plenty of room for Daddy's desires. Moving to Phoenix in 2017, boy Collin met many new people who helped him explore what being a boy means to him. With support from his Phoenix family, his first event was able to bring people together to experience kink in a fun way. At first, boy Collin was afraid of kink. Then, he put on his first pair of boots. Now he can't look at a color without thinking about what it means as a hanky. Although there isn't one specific for caning, he definitely wants to add it to his left pocket. Yes, his left
Raymond Smith
International Community Bootblack 2018

Raymond is a queer versatile switch who enjoys burritos, butt rubs, DIY projects and is honored to be your 2018 International Community Bootblack. Throughout his years in the leather community, Ray has had the opportunity, to bootblack at various events, judge contests, and teach classes around bootblacking. But wait, there’s more. You may also find Raymond at events, selling jello shots and raffle tickets, or entertaining as his bearded beauty persona, Karen Forecox. Raymond is also an associate member of the ONYX Great Lakes Chapter. In the stand, Ray enjoys building connections with people. Whether it’s easing the nerves of someone who is experiencing their first shine. Or using the backside of a brush to beat the balls of someone who is flagging teal and, of course, gives consent. Ray is a promoter of body positivity, mental health awareness, and the understanding that it’s ok to be #Extra.
Sir Adam
A pain, sensation, and knowledge junkie, Sir Adam entered the lifestyle over a decade ago. Serving from the bottom up, he spent many years traveling coast to coast volunteering at numerous events, offering to demo bottom for all who would teach him their skill set. Passionate about preventing healthcare access discrimination, Sir Adam also enjoys educating medical students and healthcare providers about how to better serve our diverse community. While working for the Department of Veteran Affairs he gained political opportunities which allowed him to focus on securing transgender and intersex patient rights, and increasing HIV screening, prevention options, and treatment for Veterans. Past president of the Rogues L/LC, Sir Adam also served as Mr. SECC 2013 and is an associate member of The Panthers L/LC, La Fraternitié Du Loup-Garou, and The Chain of Command. Continuing to teach and provide demos throughout the Florida Leather/BDSM/Fetish/Kink Communities since moving to Florida in 2015, Sir Adam has proudly joined Mama’s Family as “Mama’s Rogue Anarchist” and served as Educational Coordinator for Florida LeatherSir/Leatherboy/Community Bootblack 2016/2017.
Major Ty - International LeatherSIR 2017
As a retired Air Force pilot having served 23 years as a B-1 pilot protecting our nation and its citizens, Ty served his leather community quietly during his Air Force career. Despite the restrictions and discrimination of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Ty proudly served the leather community in a variety of ways, including supporting roles at the national level of International Leather Sir/Boy. After retiring in July 2011, Ty moved to Fort Lauderdale and was honored to work at Leatherwerks and study at the newly created Leather University attending multiple formal classes on leather and BDSM related subjects. In 2013 he met and married David Mendelson and has since collared his cub Ben Brooks. Ty’s memberships in various leather clubs and organizations allowed greater opportunities to mentor with leather leaders and guide younger men to the leather community. As a professional military officer with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Management and a Master’s Degree in Human Relations, Ty’s experience and education have led him to mentor numerous members of our leather community to reach their full potential.
Pup Napoleon
CODENAME: Pup Napoleon (Eon)
ETYMOLOGY: Connector of people & ideas; Manifestor of energy, time; Limitless possibility
MOTTO: PLAY! Every Way. Every Day.
WORK: Bridge Community; LGBTQ Artist and Activist
REGIONS: Baltimore, Manhattan, Ft Lauderdale
SIGNS: Scorpio, Snake, Tula, Slytherin, Squirtle
PERSONALITY: Empathetic, Analytical, Creative
SUPERHERO: Green Lantern (Omni Lantern) Kyle Rayner
HOBBIES: Digital, Fitness, Culture
FAMILY: SIR, Alpha, boy, brother
SCENE: Impact, Electro, Breath Control, Humiliation, CBT, Roleplay, Competition, Worship, Suspension
HONORS: ILSb-ICBB 2018 John Mancusso Memorial Paddle Award, Eagle Scout, NYU Alumnus
BRAND: Tackling intense breadths of the human condition through the celebration of joyous exploration and subject matter.
MEDIA: @NapoleonPlays (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook)
    girl ang - International Ms Leather 2018
  Personal Bio: girl ang is a rugged Femme hedonistic switch, service oriented Leather woman based in Melbourne, Australia. Her kinks include squirting, fisting, energy exchange, sensation play, tea parties, leather and latex. She is passionate about the leatherwork she has created over the last 2.5 years through her business Little Miss Leather. girl ang is well into her psychology degree and completed her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in 2011; she loves to learn and share knowledge. She chooses happiness and is an insatiable flirt    
    Bryson "Pup Nitro" Hankinson    
  International Leatherboy 2011
  In 2006, he moved to Atlanta where he met Sir Alan Penrod and began to discover his “Leather Heart” who gave him his pup name, “NITRO” (Needs Intense Torture to Reach Orgasm). Nitro is a past President of Panther L/L, and is a Co-Founder of the Hotlanta Rubber and Gear Club. He is the co-owner of Southeast Black and Blue, LLC and co-producer of Atlanta Leather Pride. He has held the titles of Mr. Hotlanta Rubber 2008, Southeast Leatherboy 2011, and International Leatherboy 2011...    
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    Mama Sandy Reinhardt    
  Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt is a respected and admired leader in the leather, BDSM and LGBT communities. She has been a leader for many years and has been very active in the fundraising arena for most of those, including her annual Breast Cancer Dinners, LeatherWalk (for the AIDS Emergency Fund & the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund) which kicks off Leather Pride Week leading up to the Folsom Street Fair and her Toy Drive for Camp Sunburst, a program for children and families affected living with HIV/AIDS...    
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Hierarchy and Hedonism: Journeying together into Pet Play

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    Bill Hoeppner - FLSb-FCBB Regional Producer    
  International Leather boy 2008
Mama’s Sugar boy
Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year 2009

  Bill was introduced to the Leather Community in 1993 in New York City. At that time the community was still galvanized by the AIDS Epidemic. The philanthropic nature of the leather community was what immediately drew him in and is one of the many things that still inspire him today.

In 2003, he became an associate member of The Philadelphians MC and began his work as a volunteer...
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  Co-Regional Producer  
    Daddy Dana Shultz    
  Co-Regional Producer Daddy Dana
  A transplant to Saint Petersburg, F L in 2007 comes to the sunshine state via Richmond, VA via Zanesville, OH where he was born. Dana is truly a versatile man and not one that is 50/50; 50 percent on his back and 50 percent on his stomach. He has experience as a bottom, a boy, a Top and on those rare occasions a Sir…grin!

He was first introduced to the Leather Levi community in Baltimore Maryland while in the Navy. He has lived in several cities throughout the United States, but has had the opportunity, while driving a tractor trailer over the road, to do (or be done) by someone in every state he has visited; that includes Canada and Mexico. Dana reentered the Leather Community in 2003 after a breakup. He met people in Columbus Ohio that encouraged him to compete in the Ohio Leather Sir Leather boy contest and was named Ohio Leather boy 2004. He advanced to the Great Lakes contest where he was named Great Lakes Leather boy 2004 that advanced to the International Contest held at the old Suncoast Resort here in St. Petersburg, FL.

Dana holds several certifications in the medical field of emergency medicine and continues to take classes in an endeavor to train new people interested in the field of medicine. He works on the street as a paramedic as well as a local hospital and teaches at a local technical institution, but always find time to assist with local leather contests. This training has made him proficient in placing tubes down willing and the occasion unwilling recipient.

Dana is a long-time survivor of HIV. He found out he was positive in June of 1987 while in Pittsburgh, PA. Dana has never found this to be an end of life disease but simply an obstacle that would need to be addressed and overcome.