Ldy Tygger Bio

Ldy Tygger (Pronounced Lady Tiger), or LT as she is called by many, is a 24/7 Leather, Lifestyle, Kink, Fetish Friendly Dominant. She has been an active member of the Tampa Bay Area Community since 2011, but her experience dates her back to the late 70’s when she was officially introduced to the Lifestyle and her Mentor in California. LT’s passions are wide and varied, but education, both continuing to learn as much as she can and teaching to pass along the knowledge she has already gleaned is at the top of the list. So much so, that when an opportunity to purchase a St. Andrew’s Cross and Spanking Bench was presented, she could not pass it up! She enjoys working with energy and helping others to understand the exchanges that occur even in a day to day passing of strangers. Her eclectic spiritual path helps with this greatly.

Personal Information:
LT is a born and raised Florida Native from Pinellas County, she is of Native American heritage and decent. She is the proud daughter of another US Army Veteran who served for almost 30 years and a Registered Nurse mother. LT herself is also a US Army Veteran. She has 3 biological children and a host of others that she claims as her own. Most recently, she became engaged late last year.