Bootblack Lucky.
Being a New Years eve baby in 1965, made for the start of a rather confusing life. Looking back now, many years later, Lucky wouldn't have changed a thing. He grew up in a loving family, here in South florida. And although life still throws curve balls, he has never been happier. Lucky spent most of it in schools, learning some pretty odd subjects, like astral mechanics. His list of jobs has been eclectic at best having been a sousou chef at some of the best restraints in Savannah, to running away with the circus. Lucky has come to love the art of bootblackIng, although it has been on and off, for oh, at least 15 years, but currently sits as one of the bootblacks at RAMROD bar in Fort Lauderdale which is one of his favorite jobs. Lucky is excited to be one of this year’s contestant. SHINE ON!