Lawrence Fox

Lawrence Fox has been involved in the leather community for roughly 20 years since being introduced to it by a boyfriend in Pittsburgh during a pride parade (“who are those hot guys over there you were talking to, think I’ll go march with them”). He was the last new member of Crucible MC in Pittsburgh and later joined Pittsburgh Motorcycle Club to serve as Treasurer. A move to Fort Lauderdale in 1996 was precipitated by his relationship as a boy to Bearman, coowner of LeatherWerks and custom tailor in that company. October of that year also saw the first offering of the Dungeon series of educational events produced by Leather University, with Lawrence acting as Secretary. In 2000 he took over presidency of the organization to continue producing the event for another 5 years, also creating SM High (a smaller educational event specifically for gay men), and Indulgence (a small, menonly play weekend).
A presenter at SELF 13 and 2017, he was a founding member of the Young Leathermen of South Florida, boardmember of NLA Florida, resident Dungeon Monitor for SPICE Ft Lauderdale and Secretary/Webmaster for the Leather Archives and Museum (located in Chicago, serving the world). He has presented workshops for several Florida leather bars, clubs, and organizations; of particular pride is his involvement in GoLeather, a pansexual group for newcomers to the leather community in Ft Lauderdale and presenter for the New Guard chapter of SPICE.
Lawrence no longer works as a leather tailor but is now a radiology/cat scan tech at an urgent care center in overly sunny South Florida, living with his husband of ten years, sharing house with crazy cats who rule the universe and demented dogs who don’t live in that universe.